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Comprehensive health
management & risk assessment

Know the killer illness before it strikes, access all your digital health records anytime, anywhere including in an emergency.

Detect life-threatening illnesses, uncover chronic diseases and distinguishes the odd episodes, predict the health parameters, and help you manage your lifestyle. It provides valuable recommendations to prevent you from falling sick and maintain your wellness.

It offers to manage all your medication, adherence history, medical reports, lab reports, and radiology images much more in one place encrypted.

Also, maintain the history of appointments, hospital visits, treatment summary, doctors, and their recommendation and health notes available at your finger. For mothers, it automatically extends to children's health records and their vaccination.

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Flawless detection of life threatening illness using artificial Intelligence.

CLIFIT uses innovative deep learning solutions through the fusion of a diversified set of advanced technology, edge computing, advanced signal processing, sensors, healthcare and digital technology. And is fostering creativity, collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive AI enabled discovery of novel preventive solutions to help our users to live healthier and reduce medical expenses across the entire healthcare spectrum.

Detects 150 over health indicators
and 75 over illnesses

Live with your health Dashboards.

In most cases, particularly in cardiac, diabetes, stress, arterial illnesses, it takes years to build up in the body. At nearly acute stage, body starts to express explicit symptoms and immediately tends to seek medical support and expecting a quick fix through medication and surgery, and often one must sacrifice health and wellness and live in anxiety. This is where our AI platform comes to help with ability to detect 70 over illnesses, even at its onset stage itself, giving enough time to prevent it from risking life. Clifit health platform revolutionizes the preventive care solution to take control of your health and wellness.

Prevent from attack of the killer viruses?

Defend killer illnesses and viruses threatening you?

Antiviral treatment, rapid viral diagnosis, and point-of-care diagnostics are all relatively new, and their appropriate use is not fully appreciated or evaluated. But Covid-19 has reshaped the thoughts to give at most attention is required in this area because it can affect not only individuals but also the country and nations as a whole. So it is important to recognize its attack before it strikes, and our solution gives the headway for detecting the attack.

FDA, CE approved handheld devices

Medically certified devices simplify preventive care.

CLIFIT R&D team constantly searching and designing new devices which stretch the health and wellness and to help to knowing the health profile constantly to avoid life threatening eventuality. Presenting a solution complemented with 7 categories of 16 devices complimented with Lead 1, Lead 2, Lead 3, Lead 8 and 12 ECG’s. As a start, an array of leading wearable devices also part of the solution which extends the power of the solution enhancing its user experience, simplicity and convince in mind.

Clinical validated AI solutions

Clinical validation done under hospital environment, certified expert groups and adoption stage validated solution.

What distinguishes our AI algorithms from traditional solutions, is the ability to gain information, process it and give a well-defined, clinically validated output to the end-user. The algorithms have gone through three stages of clinical validation process, apart from using standard datasets, collected data from leading cardiac specialty hospitals and verified under the guidance on practicing cardiac expertise. Again, collected vast number of real life data from hospitals and evaluated through certified expertise. Lastly is been gone through adaption stage validation in the health-tech companies under their expert doctors.

Clifit health on wearable devices

Health management moving from mobile to wearable.

CLIFIT R&D team always searching and designing new devices and solutions, primarily focusing on health and wellness, keeping health profile as the dashboards and presenting this solution complemented with seven categories of 16 devices, which includes Lead 1, Lead 2, Lead 3, Lead 8 and 12 types of ECG’. Sensing the current trend increased adoption of wearables as a start, an array of leading wearable devices also integrated with exclusive features also part of the solution, which extends the power of the solution by enhancing its user experience, simplicity, and convince in mind.

Adopted in Asian countries

Asia started understanding the utility of the solution very early.

From Asian countries particularly from Thailand, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, considerable adoption is taking place in Asian countries, particularly in hospitals for post-hospitalization remote monitoring of their patients. Health Tech companies started embracing the solutions, particularly to manage their aged-care business.

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Other Products

Clifit Cardio

An AI solution simplifies the treatment and provides considerable confidence to their patients simply having handheld devices and the solutions supported by digital technology.

Clifit C-19

The solution that is designed exclusively for detecting COVID, it further empowers its capacity by adding our wearable to be part of the solution. It tracks the vital signs and clinical changes occurring, and time-to-time interact with you, and gives very early notification about the systems before it strikes.

Clifit Virus

Virus detection is the first step in the quest for humans that are free of targeted illness and consequent loss of health. The solution is designed to capture the presence of 20 over viruses before it attacks.


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